Causes of Bad Breath

For many people, poor dental hygiene is the primary cause of bad breath. However, bad breath may also be the result of:

• Food choices
• Lifestyle habits
• Gum disease
• Dry mouth
• Chronic illness
• Medication side effects

Embarrassed By Bad Breath?

Preventing Bad Breath

There are several things you can do to prevent bad breath, including:

• Brushing the teeth and tongue regularly
• Flossing daily
• Using a fluoridated toothpaste
• Having teeth professionally cleaned
• Refraining from using tobacco products
• Stimulating saliva flow with chewing gum and sugar free candy
• Maintaining a record of foods you eat regularly

Bad Breath

When you neglect to brush and floss your teeth regularly or ignore some of the symptoms of gum disease, you put yourself at a higher risk of developing oral health problems such as periodontal disease which causes bad breath. You may need to seek professional treatment for halitosis when this is the case.

Common causes of bad breath include:

• Food choices - Foods with strong odors, such as cheese, fish, and garlic, can give you bad breath.
• Oral hygiene practices - If you are not being diligent about brushing or flossing your teeth, you may have bad breath.
• Lifestyle habits – Smoking or chewing tobacco can cause bad breath and make it difficult to maintain a healthy mouth.
• Gum disease - Periodontal disease can induce bad breath because the bacteria that cause this condition produce sulfur compounds, which results in malodor.

Other common causes of bad breath include:

• Yeast infections
• Dental appliances that do not fit properly
• Dry mouth
• Diabetes and other oral health problems

Keeping up with your teeth cleaning schedule is also essential for maintaining good oral health. If you are concerned about bad breath, schedule an appointment with Dr. Vance in Springfield, MO today!