Our Patients Experience A Renewed Confidence In Their Smile After Periodontal Care

Patient Testimonials

I've been seeing Dr. Vance for years, ever since I needed treatment for periodontal disease and a bone graft for a bridge. He is amazing. Not only is he very able in his profession, he has a great rapport with his staff, as well. He's also just a little bit ornery. If you every make an appointment with him, ask about the year he came in on April fool's day driving his wife's car. His staff is also amazing. Example, when Shiloh called to confirm my 8am appointment, I said yes, I would be there, but I didn't love getting around that early. She could have dropped it at that, but called me back a few minutes later and said she had a 3pm appointment on the same day and would I like it. That's above and beyond. Karen is an awesome hygienist and makes the time fly by with her easy demeanor and "chattability". I have to mention Jill as well, even though she hasn't worked on me the last couple of times. She's a character, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. Overall, 6 stars, but they only let me go as high as 5.

-T. Underhill.

I have been receiving care from Dr. Vance for 15 years. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate Dr. Vance and the gang a solid 15. One exception is Jill. She has been abusing me and torturing me for 15 years. Of course I do nothing to deserve this abuse and torture. I am totally innocent......I am kidding. I love Jill to pieces. She is great fun and I look forward to seeing her on every appointment. However, one of these days I will be forced to turn her across my knee and paddle her bottom. I can hear her saying "Don't threaten me with a good thing

-D. Earl

I have been going to Dr.Vance and his team for over 15 years. I feel like he is my personal smile doctor with the care he and his associates provide. I look forward to my visits and I feel as if I am treated as family. Dr.Vance's office is extremely clean and houses all of the latest in dental technologies that make me feel that I am in the best care facility in the Ozarks. Dr.Vance and his staff always remember my face and have that personal touch that puts a smile on my face every time. If you are looking for a leading perio doctor who delivers incredible PAIN FREE care. Please try Dr.Vance and his wonderful team. An Ozarks top doc for sure!

-R. MacDonald

If you have sensitive teeth you need to go to Dr. Vance to get your cleanings done. I am the worlds hardest person to do teeth cleanings on because my teeth hurt from being overly sensitive. Now I look forward to getting my teeth cleaned every 6 months and I do not experience any pain. The staff here is very friendly and understanding. They make sure you are relaxed and comfortable. I wouldn't go anywhere else now I've experienced this place. I've been going here for about 3 years now.

-D. DeWitt

Dr. Vance is great. His staff makes every visit comfortable; that is coming from a person who has very sensitive teeth and dreads going to the dentist. Kim warms the water before she sprays it on my teeth; that makes a huge difference. The staff offers me a blanket and are very attentive to my needs. Kim has always done my cleanings and she is the only one I want. Kim does an excellent job with a gentle yet professional firm touch. Everyone in Dr. Vance's office from the phone, office, dental and surgery staff are professional in a warm welcoming comforting and caring manner

-K. Jones

This office is very professional, yet extremely patient friendly. Dr. Vance is tops in the field, serving with several professional boards and organizations. Always willing to lend his expertise, he is in demand as a speaker on varied topics at numerous conferences. My go-to gal is Kim, but everyone in the office is friendly, warm and welcoming; eager to put you at ease and make you comfortable. I’ve trusted them with my smile for several years now, and will continue to refer friends and family to this very competent, experienced team of experts

-G. Hale

Dr Vance and his wonderful staff saved my teeth, all of them! They are extremely proficient, professional, friendly, helpful and "go the extra mile" every visit. Thank you all.

-S. Elrod

These people have become like family to me. They are courteous, conscientious, professional, and show genuine concern and care for the health of my teeth and gums. I recommend them highly.

-R. Recla