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Dental Implants Are the Next Best Thing to Your Natural Teeth

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Restore a Broken Tooth with Advanced Dental Implants

Many adults end up losing one or more teeth to periodontal disease or tooth decay over the course of their life. If you have a broken tooth that starts to decay, you may need a high quality tooth replacement like an implant to preserve your smile. Dr. Vance offers single implants, implant bridges, and implant supported dentures to replace missing or broken teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants Springfield, MO
“Dental implants are an awesome substitition for when somebody’s missing your natural teeth.”
-Doctor Jody Vance

An estimated 69 percent of U.S. adults ages 35 to 44 have lost at least one tooth.


25 percent of older adults (over 74 years-old) have experienced complete tooth loss.


Nearly 2.3 million single dental implants are restored with crowns each year.

Replacing a Single Tooth with Implants

Benefits of Dental Implants Springfield, MO
The Implant Process

Dr. Vance can replace a single missing or broken tooth with am advanced dental implant. The dental implant is designed to function just like a real tooth and does not require additional maintenance beyond normal daily cleaning and regular professional care and maintenance.


Dental implants blend seamlessly into the smile to replace missing teeth with screw-like implants that adhere with the jaw bone. As you bite and chew with the attached dental crown, the implant provides the same bone stimulation as a natural tooth root, which keeps your bone levels healthy and protects the integrity of your smile.

Benefits of Dental Implants Springfield, MO

Single dental implant: If you are missing even one tooth, your oral health is at risk. Without a tooth to stimulate the jaw bone, bone atrophy begins to occur which can lead to shifting of other teeth or increased risk of infection. We can replace your missing tooth with a natural-looking implant and crown the same day a tooth is removed.

Benefits of Dental Implants Springfield, MO

Multiple dental implants: Missing more than one tooth is common and should be addressed immediately. Unlike a tooth supported bridge which relies on surrounding teeth to support the restoration, implants provide a healthy, more natural alternative to bridges, which will never shift, decay or require root canal treatment.

Benefits of Dental Implants Springfield, MO

Full arch dental implants: If you have dentures and are looking for a more stable, healthier alternative, we can complete your smile in one visit. This option uses a number of dental implants (as few as four) surgically placed in the jaw bone to support a custom, natural-looking prosthesis. There are no pastes or need to worry about slipping dentures; this option is designed to stay in place.

Replacing Multiple Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

If you have more than one broken tooth or several missing teeth, you may be a candidate for dental implants that are individually placed into the areas where teeth are missing. Dr. Vance may need to perform a tooth extraction to get rid of a broken tooth before a tooth replacement procedure. He may also recommend an implant bridge, where crown units span the space where your teeth are missing and are anchored by opposing implants. If you are missing an entire arch of teeth, dentures that are supported by dental implants are ideal for an extremely secure fit.

Benefits of Dental Implants Springfield, MO

Vicki's Experience With Dental Implants

Dental Implants Work Just Like Real Teeth

If you have a broken tooth or missing teeth in Springfield MO, you can restore your smile with a dental implant. Dental implants with Dr. Jody Vance are designed to function just like your real teeth and can be very effective at preserving your smile. They do not require additional maintenance and even look like your real teeth!

Easy Navigation for Better Control with the X Guide 3D navigation system

Achieve a higher level of implant accuracy for your practice with X-Guide™.
Patent-pending X-Point technology makes it easy to look at the screen and concentrate on one dynamic focus point to assist in precisely guiding the surgical implant. The result – consistently achieve a more desirable functional and aesthetic outcome.

Deliver Implants with Confidence

Confident Planning

The X-GuideTM system is compatible with most Cone Beam 3D systems. Use the robust X-Guide implant planning software to plan all factors of the ideal implant location. Visualize the placement of virtual teeth for better aesthetic planning. If using an intraoral scanner, go a step further with six simple clicks and register the intraoral scan to plan an ideal restorative outcome with opposing teeth in occlusion.

Easy Navigation & Precise Placement

In surgery, control real-time movements of your drill and implant placement with remarkable precision – use the X-Point to navigate position, angle and depth.

Benefits of Dental Implants Springfield, MO
X-Guide Navigation System
Benefits of Dental Implants Springfield, MO
Benefits of Dental Implants Springfield, MO
Benefits of Dental Implants Springfield, MO

If you have missing teeth than schedule your appointment with Dr. Vance today. We can discuss the most effective tooth replacement options to suit your needs.